An Elephant in the Room
by Ray Geide

        If you were in a small room with an elephant, wouldn't you know that the elephant was there?
        There is an elephant in the room. It is quite obvious but people turn their backs to it and act as if it is not there.
        What is the elephant? The elephant is the fact that God is God. God is the supreme, supernatural being who made and runs this world.
        We live in a world created by God. We ourselves are created by Him and resemble Him. How do we miss this?
        Go outside and look up into the sky. Does it not scream, "God is God"? Look at nature, look at a bird flying, look at the complexity of your body. Does not each of these prove that God is God? Every breath you breathe, every step you take, every thought you think is only possible because God is God. The elephant is right in front of your face.
        Yet, the atheist insists that there is no elephant. He argues that over billions and billions of years all of this evolved from nothing. That is like saying that a handful of dirt laid in a certain spot for millions of years until it produced a bunch of car parts and then after even more millions of years they assembled themselves into a car. How could anyone make such a ridiculous claim? Yet, thousands of scientists agree to such illogic even though the scientific evidence for it does not exist. How could this be? Could it be they don't want to admit that there is an elephant in the room?
        But atheists are not the only ones ignoring the elephant. Many people live their lives believing in God but never go to His House or give Him the time of day. Even the best people in church keep the elephant out of their daily lives.
        They do this because they have their own secret gods that rule their lives. There is no room for an elephant.
        When a person insists on having things his way, insists that he is right, or does what he wants to do, he is making himself god.
        Sin, money, TV, computers, FaceBook, sports, work, food, and politics are a few of the things that people make into gods. They fill their day with these things and do not have one minute left for God. Even church is used as a quick substitute for a real relationship with God.
        If we treated God as God wouldn't we start by throwing out everything that distracts from Him? Wouldn't we humble ourselves and say that it is not about what we want but about what He wants? Wouldn't we read His Word until we understood His Ways (not leaving that up to our preachers, traditions, and denomination) and then wouldn't we make His Way more important than anything else? Wouldn't we trust Him and wait on Him?
        There is an elephant in the room. Do you see it? What will you do?