Problems in the Stars
by Ray Geide

        Since the 1990s astronomers have known of hundreds of galaxies in the far reaches of the universe known as the redshift desert. Calculating the distance, speed of light, and expansion of the universe away from the earth they knew that the redshift desert would provide a look back in time to a young, developing universe. The only problem was that the light from the objects that far away was 300 times fainter than the night sky so that even the strongest telescopes on earth could not examine them.

Galaxies Too Old
        That all changed when astronomers came up with a process to void out the atmospheric disturbance called Nod and Shuffle. When they scanned the redshift desert using Nod and Shuffle, they found a big problem: where they expected to find small, infant galaxies, they found huge, old, fully formed galaxies. This was not possible if they were formed by the gradual natural forces postulated by the Big Bang theory.

A Black Hole Too Big
        Soon after this discovery, other astronomers found another problem while looking at a different distant area of the universe with a different type of telescope. They found a huge black hole 10 billion times the mass of our Sun in a location that should not have had a black hole this advanced or this big.

More Problems around Saturn
        More recently the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft flying around Saturn discovered many more problems.
        One was the discovery that each of Saturn's 34 moons was different from the others. This is a problem because atheistic theories claim that they were all formed from the same stellar cloud with the same natural forces and thus they should all be similar and made of the same elements.
        Another was the discovery of an atmosphere on Enceladus, a moon too small to have enough gravity to hold an atmosphere in place.
        Another problem was the discovery of a moon that orbited in the opposite direction of Saturn's spin.
        Yet another was the apparent instability of Saturn's rings.
        And yet another was the discovery of the brightest and darkest material in the solar system on one moon with no idea what the darkest material is.
        These are just a few of the problems uncovered.

Theories Full of Problems
        Today's discoveries are shooting the Big Bang theory and other atheistic theories up with holes. This is quite alarming when you consider that we have only explored a very, very small fraction of our universe. Something is wrong and that something is God. These theories were formed with one common premise in mind: there is no God. That is fine if there is no god, but if there actually is a God, these theories will end up full of problems.
        That is what is happening.
        I believe God has interjected these inconsistencies into his creation as signs of His existence. He is saying, "Look at me!!! I am here!!!" The Bible says that the universe declares the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands (Psalm 19:1). It also says that the invisible things of God are clearly seen in His creation and that if you ignore it, you will be without excuse (Romans 1:20). You may take these problems in the stars lightly, but God doesn't. He is trying to show Himself to you. Do you think that God will look lightly on the fact that you ignore Him?
        Isn't it amazing that what some call an ancient book of fables agrees more with today's scientific discoveries than modern scientific theories? That is because that ancient book is written by God, a being greater than the universe and smarter than all of the astronomers and their massive computers combined.
        Yet, I know many people, including good church people, who ignore what the Bible says and live their lives the way they want. What will they say when they stand before God, "I knew the Bible was your book, but I didn't think that you really wanted me to know it and obey it"?
        If we are to treat the Bible as God's message to us, we must be honest with it (not twisting its meaning to fit our desires or ignoring parts of it), meditate on it, and attend a church that will help us understand it.
        Will you recognize the work of God and obey His book or will you close your eyes to the truth and deny Him?