The Real King is Coming
by Ray Geide

        Television does not show him. Our schools do not teach about him. He cannot be seen. And so many think that he does not exist or that he does not matter.
        They live their lives the way they want to. They boldly speak against him and say he is someone he is not. They blame him for things he did not do and ignore the things he does do. Even though he is the only one big enough, smart enough, strong enough, and loving enough to help them, they refuse to put their hope and trust in him.
        But God does exist and will not remain silent forever.
        When you die, you will find out that all of this is true. You will stand in God's courtroom with no escape.
        Those who live long enough will see a day when Jesus will show himself to the world. This is how the Bible describes the event:
        "I saw the opened sky and, look, a white horse and the one sitting on it is called "Trusted and True." He judges with the standard of right and wrong and is waging war.
        His eyes are a flame of fire, many award wreaths are on his head, he has a written name that no one knows except he himself, and he is dressed in blood-soaked clothes. His name is called the Message of God.
        The troops in heaven are following him on white horses wearing clean, white linen.
        A sharp sword goes out of his mouth so that he can cut down the countries with it. He himself will shephard them with a rod of iron and he himself stomps the trough of the wine of the anger of the All-Powerful God's punishment. He has a name written on his clothes and on his thigh, "King of kings and Master of masters."
        I saw an angel standing in the sun and he shouted with a loud voice saying to all the birds flying in the air, "Come, gather yourselves together to the great God's great feast to eat flesh of kings, flesh of officers, flesh of strong people, flesh of horses and of those that sit on them, and flesh of everyone (both free and slave, both small and great)."
        I saw the world leader, the kings of the earth, and their troops gathered together to wage war with the one sitting on the horse and with his troop.
        The world leader was caught. The false preacher (the one that did miracles in front of him with which he sidetracked them that received the mark of the world leader and them that bowed down to his image) was with him. These two were thrown alive into the burning sulfur of the lake of fire.
        The rest were killed with the sword that went out of the mouth of the one sitting on the horse and all the birds were filled from their flesh." (Revelation 19:11-21)
        Now is the time to trust the real king.