What I Trust
by Ray Geide

        What can you trust? This is what I trust:
        I trust in God. Yes, I realize some think that is foolish but I have found that He still works in our world today although usually it is in stealth mode. He does not write across the sky, "I created this", though He did write it many times throughout His Book (and some have a hard time seeing that). There is no other way to explain what He has done. Thousands of atheists have been trying to explain how we got here without God for hundreds of years and their explanations are still full of problems (like, how did DNA or the eye evolve? What about those previous explanations that have since been proven wrong? Where are the billions of fossils of missing links and failed species that should outnumber the good fossils by a million to one if evolution were true? There are thousands more of such problems). God is real. God is much stronger, bigger, and smarter than anything and everything else combined. Take a look at what He has done and this becomes obvious.
        I trust that God loves the world so much that He gave up His only son. If God's love is that strong for us, don't you think that He has also done a mountain of wonderful things for us? Do we not ignore and refuse to look at those things? I have come to realize that He has already provided everything for me. If I would just get out of the way and trust Him, I would have no problems. For example, He knows how to bless me in hard times. He has done so in the past. Why don't I look at the character of God and my past experiences and trust Him to bless me in the future?
        I trust God's message to us. Because it is from God, it is much more knowledgeable than any other book or any other message. That is why I spend hours a day reading and thinking about it. When I throw off my preconceived beliefs (yes, even my denominational beliefs) and come honestly to the Bible, it makes perfect sense. What good does it do to come to the Bible with my own ideas and try to twist the Bible to support them? Am I smarter than God? Not, by a long shot. Why not just trust what the Bible says?
        I trust the sacrifice which was given for us when Jesus died on the cross. It is the only way to get forgiveness of sins. He said, "It is finished." Doesn't that mean it is finished? Sin is no longer a problem to God (even though it often is still a problem to us). The only thing that remains is for us to TRUST (the Bible calls this believing and faith) a God that is bigger, stronger, and smarter than us, that loves us, and who has already done everything for us. Trust is trust. Why do people add actions to trust and thus make it not trust? If I trust a chair to hold me, I don't also suspend myself from the ceiling with a rope. When I do that, I am no longer trusting the chair. You can't add things to your trust and say that you are still trusting.
        If you trust Jesus, God gives you eternal life and all you need for this life. If you say that you trust Him but really do not (we can tell by your actions) or if you simply do not trust Him, good luck with that. My guess is that you will end up miserable and with a destination of hell. It is rather harsh but it is a simple fact that is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible. I do not know why no one sees it.
        Will you trust God? Will you trust His love for you? Will you trust His message to you? Will you trust the Sacrifice for you? Or will you continue to make excuses?