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As we briefly shared in our last newsletter, our DTS is preparing to go to Mongolia, the Philippines and North Vietnam on outreach. There are 4 staff and 10 students who will be going and we are so excited to see what God will do in and through them as they take this step of faith to go out in to the nations to share the Word of God with the lost. Over the last few months, they have been fundraising in churches, sending out letters, talking to people, fasting and praying, and we have seen so much fruit from their efforts, but it's still not enough for everyone to go. Even though Daniel and I will not be able to go on outreach with the team, we still believe in them and are excited for what they will do in the nations.

The first stop for the team will be in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They will partner with YWAM's international initiative, Bless Mongolia, to bring a Bible to every home in this nation of only 3 million people this summer. There will be hundreds of teams traveling by horseback to the most remote places to share the love of Christ with, pray for, and bless the Mongolian people.
After Mongolia, the team will head to Surigao in the south of the Philippines. There they will break into 2 teams, sending one to work with a church plant on a small island nearby, while the other stays in the city to partner with the YWAM base there. The teams will be doing a lot of children's ministry, teaching about hygiene, doing open-air evangelistic programs and much more!
Last, but not least, the team will finish up their outreach in North Vietnam. They will be working with different churches in some unreached tribal groups. Their main focus will be on sharing the truth of Jesus with the lost in these areas. They will also be able to encourage the local believers as they face persecution and hardship.
Meet Some of the Team Members
"My name is Tuy. I come from a tribal area in the highlands of Vietnam. I truly believe that being in the DTS is a calling from God. DTS has helped me be more confident in the vision that God his given me: to reach out to Vietnamese people, to spread the Gospel and to share His love."
Tuy is one of 12 kids and came to DTS with only $100. She has experienced God's provision in miraculous ways but is still in need of $1600 for her outreach.
"My name is Sophie. Last year, during YWAM's TESOL course here, I felt called to join DTS in order to open a homeschooling ministry and become a missionary. This calling frightened me at first because I didn't know how a single mom could raise her 10 year old son while being a missionary. However, God keeps reminding me to leave my boat and walk on the water with Him."
Sophie and her son, Tino, still need $2500 in order to go on outreach and finish the DTS.
"My name is Cindy Bi. During DTS, God has shown me my true identity in Him: I am loved and accepted for who I am before Him. For outreach, God wants me to enjoy His presence in different nations and share his transformational love with people in Mongolia, the Philippines and Vietnam."
Cindy is from Hanoi and is the only Christian in her family. She needs another $2000.
"My name is Thanh. By God's grace and love, during DTS I have received God's forgiveness and become a new person, and I don't want to keep this for myself! I want to take His vision , go to other nations and people groups, and be part of Jesus' mission to reach them."
Thanh has been volunteering with YWAM HCM for many years in our House of Prayer. She still needs $1700 for outreach
"My name is Ruth. After finishing my own DTS in February of this year, God called me to come and serve with YWAM HCM as DTS staff. My heart is still burning with passion for Christ and sharing the gospel with the lost. Mongolia, the Philippines and Vietnam are the next mission fields that God is calling me to, to see his salvation come and to show his love to the people there."
Ruth came here one week after graduating from her DTS. She is the only Christian in her family and needs $1400 still.
"My name is Linh. So far during this school, God has been showing me His faithfulness and sovereignty, both in good and tough moments. He has given me assurance in His grace that I will continue to grow as I move toward outreach and that I will know Him more and He will be with me. (Joshua 1:8-9)"
Joy has been serving here on staff for the past 2 years, primarily in our counseling schools. She is one of the outreach leaders and still needs $1800 in order to go.
In order to go on outreach, each person needs to raise $2500. In the last month, we have seen more than $22,000 come in - over half of the total need! However, we still need to raise another $15,000 as a team. We want to ask you to pray about supporting one of these team members or the team in general. Many people here come from families and churches that can't support them, some of them are the only Christians in their families and some come from extreme poverty. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to go. The deadline to pay for outreach is May 17th.

There are 2 easy ways to give to this cause:
1. Give online through Paypal using my email address (
2. Send a check, made out to "MCII" with Vietnam written in the memo to:
1725 Faulders Ln.
Wichita, KS 67218

Please make sure to clarify in a separate note who your donation is for so that we can make sure to designate it for the right person or team. Thank you so much for your prayers and support in this season!
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