Minnesota to Switzerland

These last 2 months have really been the beginning of a whole new season for me.  After leaving YWAM Mazatlan, I spent some time in the States, mostly at home, raising funds and getting ready for the BCC (Bible Core Course) I’m doing in Lausanne, Switzerland.  This secondary YWAM school, that I’m currently in the middle of, started the beginning of April and lasts for 3 months.  We just arrived in Cairo, Egypt yesterday to begin the “on-location” part of the school where we’ll be studying parts of the Bible where they were actually written!

This past month has been amazing!  I love being a student again!!  The Bible is coming alive to me in new ways as we learn about the historical setting of the times, study more in depthly the lives of different key characters in the Bible, and analyze the text in context.  The transition from leader to student, from being in a place where everyone knows me to a place where no one does, and from being able to speak the local language to not being able to has been interesting.  I miss Mexico many days, but God has been stretching and growing me in such new and different ways.  I can feel that He’s preparing me for this next season of my life.  I have been sooo blessed by an awesome school with awesome staff.  We’re 19 students and 4 staff representing 8 different nations!

Thank you to all of you who gave toward this training and made it possible for me to be here!  I am overwhelmed by your generosity and support!  Thank you for believing in me and blessing me so immensely!


My BCC team picture at the tulip festival

Prayer Requests
  • for protection for us as we travel
  • for me to really be able to get everything out of this season and these classes
  • for things to work out for my travels after this school
  • for discernment and a sensitive heart to God’s leading in each place we go to
Saturday night bonfire, Swiss style!  Instead of s'mores, we baked chocolate filled bread over the fire!