6 Months

Can it really be 6 months already?  Where did the time go?  I'm sorry that it's been awhile since I wrote, but we've had non-stop, overlapping teams for the past 3 months!  Ever since the Typhoon Yolanda hit, the base has received an abundance of teams from all over the world who have come to help with relief efforts and our ministry here.  We are so grateful for all that they bring and their investment into our lives, our kids' lives, and this nation!
December 6th, marked our 10th Jesus Fiesta (Jesus Party) celebration!  This is where we invite all of our ministry locations together for a big Christmas party where we also celebrate what God has done in all of our lives over the past year.  We had over 1500 people come this year!  We had worship, food, fellowship, and all different kinds of presentations - each location had the opportunity to perform a dance or skit that they put together, plus our DTSes both performed, and a team from Singapore wrote a drama especially for the event that presented the gospel in a unique way!  At the end, we also gave out Christmas presents to all of the kids!  The months of preparation were worth it to see the smiles on all of the kids' faces throughout the day!
After Typhoon Yolanda hit in 2013, the base started working in the city of Bogo on the northern part of our island doing relief work.  As the base prayed about how to further reach the people there and help in a more long-term way, we were approached by some members of the government there about an opportunity to partner with them in building a new community for 150 families who lost their homes in the typhoon.  As we prayed, we felt that this was an opportunity that God was giving us.  For the past several months we have tried to send all of our teams there for at least a week to build connections and invest into the city, churches, and people there.  We have also taken time to pray over the land we were given and make lots and lots of bricks that will be used to build the homes.  This past week we started building our first home!  it's amazing to see the progress each time I go, and to think that I was there 2 weeks after the typhoon hit and now we're investing long term into this place!  I can't wait to see what God continues to do through us and this project that's just beginning!
Right before Christmas a DTS team from YWAM Mazatlan came here on outreach!  It was so encouraging and refreshing having them here.  One of the leaders, Juliette, was on staff with me in Mazatlan and went on outreach with me to Ecuador in 2013.  They brought me lots of Mexican goodies and hugs from everyone back in Maz.  I love seeing this growing bond between Mexico and the Philippines and hope that it just continues to grow and grow!!!

Thank you all for your continued love and support through everything.  You are all such a blessing to my life!


     Mango Party in my Room                         Andre and I on my Birthday
Honolulu Team in Bogo

What's Next...

This year promises to be full of many more teams and many opportunities to continue ministering in our slum areas.  April and May will be full of VBSes in each community and a youth camp for the older kids.  I look forward to getting to invest more in these kids' lives!  
Prayer Requests

* that I would continue to learn the language quickly
* for wisdom in how to best impact our kids' lives in the slums
* for rest and refreshment in this busy season where days off are sometimes scarce
* for our Oct. DTS teams that are on outreach right now in Thailand and northern Philippines
The Girls from the Mazatlan Team and I
Kids' Christmas Party at a Church in Bogo
Kids' Ministry
Juliette and I celebrating my 27th birthday
Baptisms on New Years Day with a church in Bogo
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