The last couple of months have been a bit calmer for us.  We've had our first significant break from teams, so it's been a nice time of regrouping, going on a few fun outings as base staff, and praying and preparing for this coming season.

Last month, we received 100 Samaritan's Purse boxes and were able to distribute them in Kalubihan, the community I've adopted from our kids' ministry.  We told the kids that we wanted to invite them to a party at the base, so they dressed up and eagerly awaited the day!  When we picked them up, I could barely contain my excitement for their coming surprise!  After some worship, games, snacks, and a really good story-telling time where we shared with them from a book on the life of Jesus (a book they'd later receive), we told them we had one more surprise for them.  Then we unveiled the boxes full of presents and started distributing them.  When everyone had a box, we told them to all open their gifts at the same time.  There was wrapping paper flying everywhere and squeals of happiness coming from all the kids as they played with their new toys, ate their candy, and tried on their hats, scarves, and mittens...hehehe...I guess the people who packed the boxes didn't know it never gets cold here! 

I couldn't help but remember all those times as a kid growing up when we'd pack Samaritan Purse boxes.  Now I got to be on the other side of things, watching the kids open them!  Many of these kids probably didn't receive any Christmas presents this year, so even though it was a few months late, it was one of their favorite days of the year (and mine too)!  Every time we've gone to Kalubihan since, a lot of the kids bring their Jesus books.  One of the mothers told me that her kids read it all the time and want her to read it to them every night before bed!  I am so blessed to have been a part of this!

I've really enjoyed this past season of kid's ministry!  I've been working with our 7-9 year old kids, teaching them about the power of their words.  One of the things that has made me really sad at times in our communities is hearing how the kids talk to each other - calling some of the boys "gay," telling me which of the kids are the "bad kids," calling each other ugly, etc.  I want to create a safe place for these kids where they feel loved and accepted.  So we've spent the last several weeks talking about our words, how they can hurt or heal, what is pleasing to God, the importance of being thankful, and how to say "I'm sorry." 

Last week, when we were practicing being thankful, one of my girls, Micca, said she was thankful for us because she now has toys to play with (her Samaritan's Purse box).  That same day she told me she wished I was her mother and started telling all the kids I was her mom.  These kids have really touched my heart in a special way.  My prayer is that I would be able to love on them, show them that God loves them, and help guide them as they grow up.

There are so many other stories I wish I could share with you all.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this past season of my life - through prayer, support, encouragement, or whatever else.  I am so blessed by all of you!!


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Opening his Samaritan's Purse Gift

What's Next...

Today we just started our first VBS in one of our kids' ministry locations.  Most of April and May will be full of VBSes and a youth camp.  We'll also start getting ready for our June Sports DTS which I will be staffing!  I'm also in the process of taking over the kitchen and will be leading that for at least the next couple of months.
Prayer Requests

* that our VBSes and youth camps would be fun and effective and that the kids would be open and receptive
* that the kids would really learn that their words have power
* for wisdom and strength as I take over the kitchen in such a busy season
Our First Day of VBS!!
Will Graham Crusade Kid's Parade
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