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After 2 Years, I'm Back in DTS

I can't believe it's been 2 years since the last DTS I staffed began!  I am so excited to be back in a school, discipling the students, teaching, doing ministry and living life together!  We have 7 students and 7 staff (the perfect number) and represent 4 different nations (5 if you count Mexico)!

It has been quite an adjustment learning a different way of running a DTS.  I never would have guessed that DTS could be done so differently, but I've been learning so much!  I love being in classes again and hearing different speakerds.  I love seeing the students fight for freedom and walk through all different kinds of issues and knowing that I'm a part of that breakthrough.  I love doing ministry together and witnessing some of those who have never done kids' ministry or evangelism before, doing it for the first time and falling in love with God and people more.  I love teaching and sharing about my experiences with everyone.  I love working with a team and learning from each other.  Being on the DTS again has reminded me of my passion for discipleship and teaching.  God has really been speaking to me so much each week!

A couple weeks ago, we went on our first mid-term outreach.  My team went to the city of Ormoc.  We worked with a couple churches, did some friendship evangelism, taught in a school to a class of 1st graders, gave a Bible study and did some kids' ministry.  My favorite part was seeing the passion and excitement grow in my students as they did some of these things for the first time!

God has been so faithful to us and I am so thankful to Him and to all of you for supporting me, praying for me, and encouraging me in my walk with God and my walk in missions!  I am so blessed by each one of you!!


        Bowling Base Night Out                           Celebration 4th of July
DTS Fun Night

What's Next...

Next month I will going to Townsville, Australia for a YWAM conference and I can't wait!  We also just announced our outreach locations and teams.  I will be leading a team to Indonesia and Malaysia!  I am so excited to bring Filipinos out into the nations and also to experience these new nations and cultures for the first time!
Prayer Requests

* for continued breakthrough in each student's life as the DTS continues
* for me to find a place to stay in Townsville as the YWAM base is already full and I don't think I can afford a hotel room
* for protection as I travel
* that God would prepare my team for outreach, lead us to the right ministry locations and provide all of the finances we each need
Kids'  Ministry in Ormoc
After hiking up the mountains, we were able to meet this amazing family and pray for their almost 3 year old daughter who has hydrocephalus