Happy New Year

DTS Outreach: Malaysia and Indonesia

Last I wrote you, I was days away from leaving Cebu on outreach.  We saw so many miracles in our team as God provided all our passports and finances just in the knick of time!

Our first stop was Penang, Malaysia where we worked with the YWAM base there and a few local Inodneisan and Filipino churhces.  We led Bible studies, helped at YWAM's homeless shelter, taught undocumented Indoneisan children, did some street evangelism, and much more. 

Then we headed down to Jakarta, Indonesia.  We did a lot of school and slum ministry, preached in the jail, volunteered in their orphanage and told Muslim street sweepers about Jesus.  One of my favorite times was when we got into the public Muslim school and were able to encourage the few Christian students to stand firm in their faith and be a good example to their classmates.

After that, we flew over to Lombok, Indonesia, to support a friend of mine who is working there with 2 of his DTS classmates, partnering with YWAM's Fronteir Missions department.  We did the Bible Core Course together in Switzerland and they are now reaching out to the Sasak people, a predominantly Muslim unreached people group of over 2 million people on the island.

Then we ended our outreach in Bali, working with YWAM there.  We taught English, helped kids with their homework, helped with their soccer ministry, and ministered to some of the foreign prisoners in the local jail.  It was a great way to end our outreach and bring some closure on the DTS.

The weekend we arrived back at the base, we jumped into our Jesus Fiesta activities.  Jesus Fiesta is our annual Christmas party with the families in all of our communities.  We had close to 1500 people come to celebrate God's faithfulness to all of us over the past year.  I loved getting to see "my kids" again after 2 months away!

On December 10th, we graduated all 7 of our students and sent them home changed in many ways, excited about their futures and ready to walk in the callings that God had spoken over their lives.  It was a hard season for me in many ways - a lot of new and difficult challenges that I faced, but I know that through each one of them I learned and grew.  I am grateful that God brought these people into my life and that I was able to invest in each of their lives in return.

Now I'm at home enjoying my family over the holidays!  It's been 4 years since I was home for Christmas last, and close to 2 years since I was here at all.  I'm freezing here in the snow, but I'm so thankful that I get to spend this time with my family.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Youth from a church in Jakarta                   Sharing with the street sweepers
Some of my kids at Jesus Fiesta

What's Next...

In a couple weeks I head back to Cebu.  Once I arrive I"ll just hop back into all different base responsibilities - working with teams, kids ministry, serving in the kitchen and helping out with hospitality.
Prayer Requests

* that my time in the States would be refreshing and a good time of reconnecting with people
* for protection as I travel
* for a smooth transition back into base life after 6 months of DTS and a month at home
Slum ministry in Jakarta
Teaching Muslim kids about Jesus in a mosque
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