A New Season Begins

My last 2 months in Cebu and my Future Plans

I write to you today from Singapore.  My 2 year commitment in Cebu ended at the beginning of this month and I felt God leading me on from there and eventually back to Mexico.  It was so hard to say goodbye to the amazing friends I'd made there over the past 2 years and all my kids in the communities!

My last 2 months in Cebu were full of teams, kids ministry, helping out with the DTS and even a visit from my mom!  The DTS started on June 20th with 12 Filipino students!  I love discipleship and all my closest friends at the base were working with the DTS so I was able to really get involved!  One of my favorite times with them was when I was able to lead a couple of their missions nights on Mexico and Morocco!  It was fun teaching everyone some basic Spanish and getting to share with them a bit of these cultures and countries that I've never really been able to get out of my heart :)  

One of my other highlights from this past season was when I was able to join the DTS in Bogo (a city in northern Cebu that the base been working in a lot since the hurricane 3 years ago) for part of their first mid-term outreach.  A YWAM ministry called Impact World Tour put on a month of evangelistic campaigns all over the island of Cebu in July and August.  One of their main hub cities was Bogo.  I was able to go up for the weekend they spent there to assist in some of the events mainly setting up and praying with people who wanted to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior at the end, as well as do some school ministry with the DTS!

I guess you're all wondering what's next for me.  I have now been in YWAM for 10 years and  I can hardly believe it myself!  So I will be taking the rest of this year to rest, raise more support, travel a bit and visit friends and family with some different minsitry opportunities mixed into it all.  I'm in Singapore and Malaysia this month speaking in some different churches and catching up with friends and teams I've made along the way here.  Next month I'll be going to Indonesia for 3 weeks to visit friends of mine that are missionaries there and we were able to work with last year on outreach, as well as do a 2 week missions trip with YWAM Singapore's medical boat there.  I am very excited about this as I feel that God is eventually leading me back to YWAM Mazatlan to work with the YWAM Ship ministry that the base there is currently pioneering!  In October, I will be heading down to Mexico for the month to reconnect with the base and friends there, as well as check out how the ships ministry is going and see how I could best fit in and serve.  Then I will be coming home for the election and the holidays and really focusing on raising more support!  More detalis will follow!

So thank you to all of you who have been a part of this past season of my life in Cebu - through prayer, support, encouragement, or everything else.  I am so blessed by all of you and I am excited about all the things God is leading me into in the future!!  I couldn't do it without all of you!!


         Bogo Evengelistic Event                    Teaching in a Youth Group
Saying goodbye to all my kids in Kalubihan

What's Next...

Next yeat I'm planning to do a secondary school wtih YWAM: the Foundations of Counseling Ministry (FCM) school.  I have applied to one that starts in January and is split between Amsterdam and India.  It is 6 month school with 3 months of classes and a 3 month outreach.  I feel that it will be a vital training for me to be able to better disciple the students and young girls that God puts in my life.  I want to have more tools to help these people work through their life issues and receive breakthrough and healing from the Lord.  After that I will be heading back to YWAM Mazatlan, Mexico.
Prayer Requests

* that this month would be restful and fruitful
* for protection as I travel
* that God would use me everywhere that He leads me in this next season
* that God would help me in this tranisition time between commitments
Mexico Missions Night
Trying all the Street Food in Singpore with my Mom and Friends
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