Spring is Coming

These are the words that have been resonating in my heart this year.  As I'm in such a transitional time in my life, I've really been seeking God for His will and His direction for my life.  As I do that, He keeps speaking His promises over me.  "Spring is Coming"!!  Spring speaks of new beginnings, great potential, transition, revival of life, renewed hope, seeds growing, and so much more.  

As I reflect on the past 10 years I've been in YWAM, I am amazed by God's faithfulness to me and how words He spoke to my heart as long ago as on my DTS in 2006 are still coming true.  I'm coming into this new season of life full of hope and great expectation that God is doing and is going to do something beautiful and amazing in and through me.  I have so many questions I want answered - God, what are you doing?  Where are you leading me? How do all these puzzle pieces fit together?  Yet, God is reminding me that He is faithful and He is good and He will lead me forth in the right time but this season, these next couple of months, aren't so much about figuring out my future but about growing in relationship with Him and trusting Him and growing the "seeds", the tools, He's already placed in me.

With that said, I write you once again from the other side of the world!  I'm back in Asia and it feels so right to be here!  After spending 2 wonderful months at home, I hopped on a bus and a handful of planes and found myself back in Indonesia!  If any of you heard me talk about the 2 week missions trip I took on a YWAM medical boat on a small river reaching out to the unreached Muslim people on the Musi river in Sumatra, you probably noted my passion and excitement for what God did on that trip.  Since my FCM (Foundations of Counseling Ministry) school doesn't start until February, I decided to go back and serve for another 2 weeks on the boat.  It was an absolutely incredible time of breakthrough and reconnection.  As a team, we were able to share the gospel of Jesus with 2 families and pray for them in the name of Isa al-Masih (the Indonesian word for Jesus)!  That might not seem like a big deal to you, but in a Muslim country where it is illegal to do evangelism, it is a very big step.  These people would probably NEVER hear the truth about Jesus if this ministry didn't exist.  I feel so honored to have been a part of their team for a couple weeks!  I also loved working with the kids, teaching them some basic English and being able to serve the staff by orientating the other volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this past season of my life - through prayer, support, encouragement, or whatever else.  I am so blessed by all of you!!



Fun with my Future Sister-In-Law             Cousin Bonding in California
Kids Ministry during the Clinic in Indonesia

What's Next...

I have just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (previously known as Saigon) and am about to start a 5 month counseling course with YWAM here.  It has been on my heart for quite some time to get more counseling training.  I really love and feel called to discipleship and freedom ministry, but feel the need to develop these skills and acquire more tools to be able to go deeper and be more effective.  We will have classes here for 3 months where we'll study topics like: Biblical Foundations for Counseling, Sexual Identity, Art Therapy, Family Systems, Ministering Cross-Culturally, the Role of the Holy Spirit in Counseling and much more.  Then we will be going on a 2-month outreach somewhere in SE Asia.  I'm so excited to see what God has for me over these next 5 months
Prayer Requests

* to connect easily and deeply with the other students and staff on the FCM
* that my brain would be like a sponge and really absorb as much information and experience as possible
* that I would be ready and open to receiving whatever God has for me in this season - not only knowledge but also healing and breakthrough and revelation in my own life
* for clear direction from the Lord as I seek God for my next big steps after the FCM
Cavin Family Vacation over New Years
Visiting the Local Villages after Clinic Hours
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