Beginnings and Endings

Wedding Plans, Settling into Vietnam and Some Sad News

On August 5th, Daniel asked me to marry him and I said yes!  He secretly planned with my parents to surprise me the weekend before I went back to the States.  The wedding date is set for January 20th, so we're busy wedding planning and preparing ourselves to enter into a new season of life.  Feel free to email me if you want more of the juicy details!

After spending a month back in the States visiting people, dress shopping and spending time with my family, I came back to Vietnam, but this time knowing I would stay.  I started Vietnamese classes a couple weeks ago and am trying to focus on my language studies in this season.  It is hard to get around here without being able to communicate, so I'm hoping to learn fast if I focus and work hard at learning to speak.  Besides that, I joined the counseling ministry that my FCM leader is pioneering here.  We are hoping to offer one-on-one counseling sessions to anyone who's interested, organize some teaching seminars with YWAM and local churches, as well as spend time praying for the city and the nation here.  Daniel is now leading a 3-month mini-DTS 3 nights a week, working on publishing a book he and some friends translated into Vietnamese and running the YWAM staff house that the base just started renting in August, so he's been busy too!

Amongst everything going on recently, we received news on Saturday night (Sept. 30th) that one of our dear friends and fellow FCM classmates, Annie, had a severe stroke and was in the hospital.  We spent most of the day in the hospital on Sunday and she passed away at 9:35pm that night.  Her parents and brother live in the States and weren't able to see her before she died.  Her mom flew in today and the funeral is scheduled for this coming Saturday morning.  Annie was my closest friend, aside from Daniel, here and I miss her a lot!  This has been hard on the whole YWAM family and on Daniel and I personally, but we see the grace of the Lord upon us all and feel his peace and comfort amongst the sorrow.  But I feel that we will be grieving her loss for quite some time still.

Sorry this update got a bit long, but I just want to say thank you to everyone for your prayers and support and encouragement.


    My Last Picture with Annie        Daniel, his Parents and I at the Airport
I said YES!!!

What's Next...

The rest of this year should be mostly learning the language for me, leading the mini-DTS for Daniel, and wedding planning for the both of us.  With the wedding 3.5 months away, we have a lot to prepare.  We also want to try to start the long process of getting Daniel a visa to the States so we can eventually come visit and have another wedding reception in MN.
Prayer Requests

* that I would be able to learn the language quickly
* for Daniel and I as we plan a cross-cultural wedding and go through pre-marital counseling
* for Daniel's mini-DTS students, that they would encounter God, receive truth and healing, and apply what they are learning in their every day lives
* for direction and wisdom in our counseling ministry as we are just getting started and Annie was leading the team

* for Annie's friends and family as they mourn her death and try to move on
Showing my Family my Traditional Vietnamese Dress
Rainy State Fair Day with my Best Friend, Kiera and her Family