Merry Christmas from Vietnam

Meet Daniel

With the holidays coming next week and our wedding next month, things have been pretty crazy around here!  I've mostly been doing a lot of the same: Vietnamese classes, counseling ministry and wedding planning, so I wanted to dedicate this newsletter to Daniel to give you all the chance to get to know him better!!

Hey! This is Daniel.  I was born in 1989 after the Vietnam War in Ho Chi Minh City.  I grew up in a Christian family.  My parents are both first generation Christians.  I came to believe in Jesus personally in 2008.  My first experience with YWAM was in 2009 when I did a mini-DTS course (DTC).  After that I went into the army for 2 years of National Service (this is required of all male high school graduates here).  After that, I really felt God calling me to work with YWAM long-term so I started to staff and lead more DTCs.  I decided to do my DTS in 2013 in Nepal and I went to India for the outreach.

In February of this year, I joined the Foundations of Counseling Ministry School (FCM) here and that's where I met my future wife, Cassandra.  I just finished leading another 3-month DTC.  We had 9 students and 5 staff.  It was a great school, though it was difficult for me at times to balance ministry and preparing for marriage.  Next month will be our wedding day when we start our new life together.  We are both committed to the base here for 3 years and we're still seeking God for our next steps after marriage.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this past season of our lives - through prayer, support, encouragement, or whatever else.  We are so blessed by all of you!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Daniel and Cassandra

DTC Team on Outreach in Hanoi                          DTC Staff
Our Favorite Engagement Picture

What's Next...

On January 20th we will get married!!!  We still have a lot to prepare but are looking forward to seeing many friends and families here and to actually being married!!  We are planning to take a month off from ministry afterward to go on a honeymoon and get settled into our own place and get used to married life.  After that, we will be helping the Asean DTS (starting here on Jan. 2) as they go to Cambodia together with others DTSes from around SE Asia.  We are still praying about our long-term plans but are hoping to start an international DTS here possibly in the fall of next year.
Prayer Requests

* to be able to get all of the wedding planning done without too much stress
* for us to really be able to prepare well for marriage
* to find an affordable place to live, hopefully in the next couple weeks
* for direction for our future together
* for provision and favor in applying for Daniel's green card
YWAM Christmas Party
We're so cute!!
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