The New Normal

Married Life. Ministry Life. Vietnam Life.

As of today, we have been married for 5 months. Married life has been a big adjustment for both of us after living for 29-30 years as single people, but we're figuring it out one step at a time.

So what does our "new normal" look like? I (Cassandra) have been continuing to study the language 2-3 times a week and have been working a lot on getting Daniel's American visa application ready. Every time I think I have it all, the lawyer asks for more things, but we're hoping that we can turn in the application this month. I have also been helping organize our very first YWAM TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course here in Ho Chi Minh. The school will run for 6 weeks this Sept-Oct and I am very excited to not only help get it running, but be a student on the school as well.

Daniel has been translating, translating and translating some more! He is currently working on a 5 book series of missionary biographies (Christian Heroes: Then and Now). His goal is to train and inspire young people to love and serve God, especially in missions, and one way he can do that is by making more books and resources available in Vietnam. He also regularly translates for YWAM classes and events. We even were invited to go to Cambodia for two 2-week stints so he could translate for a multi-nation DTS being held there. Daniel was also recently invited to join the base leadership team here which is a huge opportunity and great honor. He has faithfully served the base for 8+ years already, so this a great way for him to grow more as a leader and serve the people here in a greater way!

Our latest joint "assignment" was organizing the accommodation and registration for our Vietnam National "Family Gathering" that was held last week in the city. We had over 100 YWAMers come from all over the country to seek God together, worship together, and hear what God is doing here and throughout the world. It was such a refreshing and encouraging time for both of us!

If you'd like to hear more, send us an email! We would love to hear from you as well! Thank you for reading this and supporting and encouraging us in this new season of life!

Daniel and Cassandra Doan

      Roll Call of the Nations in                        Date at the Local Zoo
      Cambodia (21 nations)
Our Room in Cambodia
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What's Next...

This summer will be filled with a lot of the same things we've been doing. Then TESOL will run from Sept. 17 - Oct. 26, and we are planning to run YWAM Ho Chi Minh's very first international DTS next January as well!
Prayer Requests

* for wisdom and favor in the visa process - that we'd get all the right documents together and that every step would be approved and there would be no complications
* for help learning Vietnamese, as it is a very exact and complicated language with 6 different tones!
* that we'd have the right students apply for the TESOL course and for provision for all of them
* for direction and wisdom to get staff and students for the DTS we'll be running next year
* for increased monthly support for us as a couple
Celebrating Chinese New Year (the biggest holiday in Vietnam) for the first time
Daniel translating for the FCM class on Relationships and Identity
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