Pioneering an International DTS

10 Students & 8 Staff from 5 Nations for 6 months

This year, so far, has been mainly focused on planning and running our first international DTS here in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first time for us to work together as a married couple so we are learning a lot about each other and how we can work together as team. We are so amazed by God's faithfulness so far in walking with us through this pioneering process. We had a successful DTS workshop for the staff before the school started. Now we are already half-way through the lecture phase portion of the school and we have had a pretty great time so far!

Before the school started, we were a bit worried about how an Irish lady, a newlywed French couple, a young Singaporean girl, and 6 Vietnamese girls from different parts of the country would get along, but now we can see that God really brought the right students to our school. They connected with each other right away and have been learning so much each week from our different speakers.  They have been growing steadily in their walks with the Lord, but we are still praying that God would give them some big "breakthrough moments".

Daniel also was invited to work with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association to help plan a big evangelistic festival that will happen next year. He's part of the festival's core team that is helping to bring the local Christian community together in unity to reach out to the lost in this city.

We are very grateful that Daniel has finished his TB treatment and is even healthier than before! We also heard that our initial green card application was approved so we are hoping to receive the interview date soon.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and supporting us through the past season. You have brought a lot of encouragement to us through your messages and care. We appreciate you very much!

Daniel & Cassandra

            Festival Core Team                       Celebrating Chinese New Year
Our 1st Anniversary Trip to Danang

What's Next...

The DTS is preparing to go on outreach to Mongolia, the Philippines and Vietnam. We are not going with them because we have so many commitments here in the city, but we may visit them to encourage them half-way through their trip. We were also invited to join a regional team of DTS leaders and will be going to Bangkok for some training in June.
Prayer Requests

* for us to continue to grow together as a couple
* for outreach finances for all the staff and students ($2500/person)
* for unity amongst the different churches and denominations here as they work to organize the Billy Graham festival
* that we would hear back about our interview date and any other things we need to prepare in order to go to America later this year
Our Staff Team!!
Daniel translating for our Father Heart of God speaker
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