The Waiting Game
It's been a few months since we have written. We were hoping to write you with some good news about Daniel's visa but unfortunately, we're still waiting to receive the interview date. It's been a long process and it's hard not to be able to plan much for the future, but we are trusting that our Father has everything under control and is working on our behalf.

DTS Outreach and Graduation

Thanks to many people like you, our whole DTS team was able to go on outreach fully funded. It was such a miracle to see how God provided for them. I (Cassandra) always love seeing God move in such incredible ways. The team came back with many amazing stories of salvation, healing, provision, encouragement and growth. One of my favorite testimonies was of a family in a remote village in Mongolia who accepted Jesus after the team shared the gospel with them. Then they asked if they could bring the team to other houses in the village so that they could all hear about the truth of Jesus Christ. The team came back so encouraged and on fire for God. They all graduated on August 7th and have returned home to continue on in their personal journeys with the Lord.

What has Cassandra been up to?

It seems that my life right now is full of many small puzzle pieces. I'm still teaching at the Life Skills center on the weekends and I love it! These kids have really made their way into my heart and I'm already sad thinking about having to say goodbye to them. I'm also still leading worship at our church on Sundays. In YWAM, I recently started a girls staff Bible study and it's one of my highlights for the month. As I was praying about a completely different opportunity, God spoke to me about investing more in the girls around me and deepening the relationships in my community here. One of my ongoing struggles here has been my lack of close friends. This weekly gathering is one step toward getting to know the staff here on a deeper level. My other roles in YWAM are continuing to lead our Tuesday Community Night meetings (with Daniel's help), serving in the hospitality team, and starting to plan for another TESOL course next fall. One more exciting thing that I did this month was organize our base's first staff retreat! We set aside one Saturday this month to worship, hear some great teaching, eat together, play together, and grow in relationship together! I hope to be able to organize more events like this in the future!

What has Daniel been up to?

Everything changed at the beginning of May. I was helping the Billy Graham Festival that was supposed to happen in February 2020, but when they had to postpone it until December 2021, I decided to stop and focus on YWAM. I felt sad but God is still in control. This also gave me more time to work on translating Christian Heroes books. I have also been helping prepare for the upcoming October DTS. For me, it is not easy to WAIT and we have been doing a lot of that as we wait for my green card interview. Right now, I am taking on more responsibilities at the base to help lead and manage things. I also have to be careful with my health because I went in for a check-up and the doctor found that my large intestine is inflamed again and I have polyps. So, I have to take medicine for a month before going back in to do a biopsy and check my progress. Now, I am thankful for each day that I can continue to live and work. I see life differently with the hope, mercy, grace and love that He has for me. I want to say 'thank you' to you, as I always do to God at mealtimes, that we are able to continue because of His provision through your generous hands. Please keep us in your prayers, as we need it in this season of our life.

Prayer Requests
1. For Daniel's health - that the inflammation in his colon would decrease and the polyp biopsy would give positive results).
2. For patience and favor as we continue to wait for Daniel's green card interview.
3. For the base as they are raising support to help cover the rent each month.
4. For Cassandra as she has been very homesick the last few months.
Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us in so many ways. We are very excited to be coming to America soon (in faith) and hopefully get to meet many of you. Your prayers and support mean so much to us. Please let us know how you are doing and how we can be praying for you in this season of your life!

Daniel & Cassandra
      Asia Pacific DTS Center Meetings in Bangkok                                  At a friend's wedding in August
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