Books and Babies
The last couple months have brought about a lot of change as we've adjusted to life with our baby girl. Things may not be going exactly how we planned, but we're enjoying our life here for this season and can see God's hand in it all.

Translation Projects

Being in the States these last 7.5 months has given Daniel a unique season of being able to really focus on his translation work. One of his great passions and callings in life is to help get more Christian literature out there in the Vietnamese language. There just aren't very many resources available. As an avid reader and someone who's been deeply touched and inspired by many books, he sees how important this work is.  Since arriving here, he has finished translating Corona Virus and ChristRisk is Right, Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, and Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. He is currently finalizing the latest YWAM book that hasn't even come out yet, Values Matter by Darlene Cunningham (YWAM founder). He is also working on some long term projects with 2 different groups - one is focused on distributing materials about evangelism and church planting, and the other is focused on creating whole church Sunday school materials so that all ages can study the Word together. As a visionary and pioneer, he is always seeing the potential that things have to impact the Vietnamese people. One of the biggest hinderances to this work is actually getting the books published. Vietnam is very strict on what can be officially published (freedom of speech does not exist there) so it can be a long process of working with the publishing houses to edit these books before getting the approval to publish. Sufficient funds are also a constant obstacle since he wants to make his work easily accessible to all people by keeping the cost low and often donating books to those who are in need.


Since Lydia was born, I (Cassandra) have been a full-time mother. Everything is so new to me and I feel like I'm constantly asking "WHY?" Why is she crying? Why won't she sleep? Why is she hungry already? Why did she wake up early from her nap? etc. etc. It is such a blessing living with my parents and having their help as we figure life out each day. I also feel so blessed by all the gifts, advice, encouragement and prayers that I have received from so many of you as I strive to be the best mom that I can be. Daniel and I love watching her grow and discover new things. She is 3 months old now and is becoming more expressive and able to interact with the world around her. Daniel loves playing with her and making her laugh. One of my favorite things is just holding her in my arms as she sleeps. I may not be as "productive" as I once was, but I just keep hearing God remind me that I am building a foundation of love and trust in Lydia's life and she is now my greatest ministry.

What does the future hold?

We have been asking this question a lot lately. We didn't expect to be in the States this long and we honestly have no idea how much longer we will be here. The world has changed and slowed down so much with COVID. We know that the government is processing immigration applications but we still haven't heard anything about when things will start moving along with Daniel's citizenship process. Vietnam still hasn't opened up it's borders to most countries either so we're literally "stuck" here for the foreseeable future. In some ways, this is incredibly frustrating because we miss Vietnam and want to get back to our life and ministry there, but in other ways, we can really see God's hand in this. There are a few concerns that need monitoring around Lydia's 6 month mark (late January). She has a hemoglobin abnormality that needs further testing and she also has a lip and tongue tie that could possibly cause problems when she starts eating solid foods. This has led us to believe that we will most likely be here until at least February next year.

Prayer Requests
1. For favor with the publishing company in Vietnam to approve the books Daniel has translated, as well as the finances needed to publish the books.
2. For things to start moving along with Daniel's citizenship process.
3. For Lydia to continue to grow and develop as she should, and to stay healthy.
4. For Cassandra as she recovers from a minor procedure she underwent to correct some complications from childbirth.
We are so thankful to all of you as you continue to pray for us and support us in these unprecedented times. We're especially grateful for those of you who have been praying for Daniel's health - he's on some medication that keeps his health under control and he's doing a lot better now. For those of you in Minnesota, we would love to get together and see you while we're here, so please let us know if you want to meet up sometime!

Daniel & Cassandra
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