News to Share
It's been over a year since we came to the States now and we're still here, but we have news to share! We never imagined that we'd be here this long, yet God is on the move! As much as we long to go back to Vietnam and the mission field that God has called us to, we are grateful for this season and the work that God is still doing in and through us as we're here.

Some Exciting News

First of all, we are super excited to announce that we are pregnant again!! Baby #2 is due November 23rd and we couldn't be more happy to be growing our family!!! The second thing that we are thrilled to share with you is that Daniel's first appointment toward citizenship was finally scheduled! This week he went in for his biometrics appointment where they took his fingerprints, pictures, and some paperwork. We still don't know how much longer after this we'll have to wait for him to become a citizen, but we've been advised to expect to wait another 4-5 (or more) months. We are trusting in the Lord's timing with this process and the birth of our second child, since we will have to leave the country within 40 days of Daniel's citizenship ceremony.

What have we been up to?

Most recently, we were able to teach the Discipleship Training School (DTS) staff over Zoom and it was a wonderful time! We are so blessed that we are still able to support the staff and help them prepare for the coming DTS. Although teaching online is quite different from teaching in person, we're so thankful for the internet and the ability to stay connected and invest in the staff from across the world. Daniel has also continued to do a lot of online translation work. He's been focusing on translating some church planting materials called "Training & Multiply" from One Mission. Simultaneously, he's been helping a small base in Hai Phong (north Vietnam) build a website, and he just finished building a new website for our base in Ho Chi Minh City. He also recently started taking a part-time, online YWAM course called the School of Ministry Development (SOMD) that a base in Malaysia is hosting. They've reduced the cost to just $75 for online Vietnamese students, so this is a great opportunity for Daniel to grow in his leadership and learn from some amazing teachers from all over the world!

YWAM Ho Chi Minh City

Much has changed since we left last year, but the base is still up and running and doing what they can as they deal with lockdown after lockdown with each COVID outbreak. A few months ago, the staff felt God leading them to move into a nearby house. This way, all the staff could live together and not have to travel between apartments for different things, and they could save some money on rent. In May, the staff went on a short-term outreach in central Vietnam to bless the base and a few churches there, as well as do some evangelism in tribal areas. Originally, they were planning on running a DTS in March, but as the country's borders were closed, they decided to postpone it until July. Now that it's June, and the borders are still closed, they are facing the tough decision about whether to run the school in person, online or postpone it again. Ho Chi Minh City is currently on a pretty extreme lockdown again after another COVID outbreak hit a couple weeks ago. They are saying the outbreak started with a church so now churches aren't allowed to meet, all gatherings must be online, and there is a lot of hatred being aimed at Christians. The base has even had to move their worship and intercession times online so that the staff not living on base can join. Please join us, and the base staff, in praying for God's guidance in this situation.

Prayer Requests
1. For guidance for the base on whether to run the DTS in person, online or postpone it until things open up more.
2. For Vietnam to open up its borders and get a good handle on the COVID situation throughout the nation.
3. For Daniel's health - for healing and wisdom on how to best manage his Crohn's disease.
4. For Cassandra as she has been having a lot of morning sickness with this pregnancy, and for the baby to continue to grow healthy and strong.
Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us through these uncertain times. Your prayers and support mean so much to us. Please let us know how you are doing, how we can be praying for you, and when you're free to get together (especially for those of you in Minnesota who we haven't gotten to see yet)!

Daniel, Cassandra & Lydia
                    Lydia's first time swimming                                                     Friday play date at the park
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