Big News, Big Decisions
We have some really exciting news to share! We also have a huge prayer request as we make some big decisions about our future so keep reading and find out more!!!

Citizenship Process Update

Daniel's citizenship interview has been scheduled for August 17th. This is way sooner than we were expecting, and although it's super exciting that things are finally moving along so quickly after such a long wait, this also leaves us with a big decision to make about what to do next. The citizenship interview and ceremony are closely linked - they could be the same day or within just a few weeks of each other. That means that Daniel could become a US citizen this month! This is great news and such an answer to prayer, but it's much earlier than expected. Since we applied for expedited citizenship as missionaries, we are required to leave the country within 45 days of Daniel becoming a citizen (sometime late September or October) and live outside the country for a year. However, we are pregnant and expecting our second child in late November. After a lot of research into our options, prayer and seeking the Lord about what exactly to do, we have decided to go forward with the interview as scheduled, but ask for a delay in the citizenship ceremony until next year. If they grant this request, we would be able to stay in the States to have our baby and would then have time to get the baby's legal documents and passport before having to leave the country and head back to Asia as a family of 4. However, our lawyer has said that it's not guaranteed or even likely that they will approve this delay request and we should prepare for the possibility of having to leave the country soon. Since I (Cassandra) will be in my third trimester at that point and will not be allowed to travel far, the only real option for us is to go to Mexico. Since I used to work with YWAM there, I have a lot of connections still. One of my best friends in Mexico is a doula (birth assistant) and a YWAM base leader and has offered to help us find a place to live, connect us with a doctor who can deliver our baby, and provide us with ministry opportunities at their base. Please pray with us that God's will would be done at the interview, whether that's delaying citizenship until next year or becoming a citizen now.

The Big Reveal

It's a.......GIRL!!! We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and found out that we are pregnant with another girl. We are thrilled to soon have 2 little girls and are praying that they'll be best friends for life! Please pray for us as we transition to being a family of 4 - especially pray for Lydia to adjust to being a big sister and having to share Mommy and Daddy with another baby.

What have we been up to?

Besides making huge life decisions and preparing for the citizenship interview, (I) Daniel have continued to work full-time on various missions projects. I've continued translating Christian articles and books into Vietnamese, finished making a website for a YWAM base in north Vietnam ( and my book ministry's website (, and found more ways to make the books I've translated available online. Recently, I was contacted by some SE Asia YWAM leaders about preparing Vietnamese subtitle translation for a few new YWAM video they will be using at an upcoming leaders conference. I am now in the 8th week of my School of Ministry Development (SOMD) course. I have been enjoying the school so far and learning a lot. One big prayer request for me at this point is for my health. This year my Crohn's disease symptoms have progressively gotten worse and worse. We are currently looking into different treatment options and really need God's guidance as to what we should do to get this under control.

Prayer Requests
1. For God's will to be done in Daniel's citizenship process.
2. For God to prepare Lydia for being a big sister.
3. For Daniel's health - for healing and guidance on how to best treat his condition.
4. For the people of Ho Chi Minh City and specifically the YWAM base staff as they continue to deal with intense lockdowns and are unable to leave their homes without permission (even to go to the grocery store).
Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us through this season of so much uncertainty. Your prayers and support mean so much to us. We are trusting God to work things out for His purposes and glory in this coming season of our lives. As we may be leaving soon, we'd love to get together with any of you that are in the area. Please let us know how you are and when we could get together!

Daniel & Cassandra (& Lydia)
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