Merry Christmas from Mexico
We would love to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from Mexico! As I (Cassandra) sit here in a rare moment of silence, looking at our mini Christmas tree and tiny manger scene, I'm reflecting on all the twists and turns our lives have taken over the past couple years. I am amazed to see God's faithfulness as he's guided us from place to place and blessed us with 2 beautiful, healthy daughters. This is how I KNOW that God will be with us as we embark on yet another adventure, another twist in our road. (Read on to find out more)!

Tien Phong Ministries

In 2017, Daniel founded Tien Phong Ministries as a way to make more Christian resources available in Vietnam. He saw first-hand how many believers (from both legal and underground churches) had little to no access to Biblical Christian literature and materials in the Vietnamese language that would help them grow in their faith. His life has been so transformed by reading Christian books that he's made it his mission to help others find that joy. Tien Phong Ministries exists to translate and publish Christian resources to spread the passion of God's glory for the joy of Vietnamese people, especially through suffering, in Jesus Christ.

So far this year, Daniel and his team translated 6 books and 57 articles; sold hundreds of books to people in the US, Canada, UK, France, Poland, Australia & Vietnam; and donated 2500 books to Hanoi Bible school students (as pictured above), indigenous pastors in central Vietnam, and to pastors and leaders from 40+ denominations (many of which are underground churches). Daniel was also finally able to get several of his books into 3 different Christian bookstores throughout the country, something that he has been fighting to get approval for for many years!

Birth Class & Worship Ministry

As a mom of two toddlers under 2.5 years old, most of my life is composed of poopy diapers, crying babies, trying to get everyone fed, saying "NO" way more than I ever dreamed possible and answering the question, "What is this?" about 1000 times a day! However, I have also been able to play on the worship team a couple times and teach a birth class! In this season on the base, there are 3 first- time pregnant moms that I've been able to get to know. Ever since getting pregnant with Lydia, I have had a growing desire to help other moms pursue natural birth and prepare for labor & delivery. So, I organized and taught my very fist birth class with all 3 couples together. Everyone left saying they felt encouraged and much more prepared for the coming months. I felt so inspired that I have started looking into the possibility of becoming a doula and/or birth instructor.

Vietnam Here We Come

We just bought tickets and will be heading back to Ho Chi Minh City on January 22nd for the first time as a family of 4! Our intention was always to go back to Vietnam after Daniel got his citizenship; however, because of COVID and Daniel's health, we had to let that dream go and ask the Lord what He had for us instead. We know that we will probably never be able to go back long-term, as Daniel needs medicine that is only readily available in the States, but we have been able to get a 6 month supply at this time, so we're taking advantage of this opportunity to GO and SERVE Vietnam! 

There are a few immediate things we are planning to get involved with when we arrive. There are 3 books ready to be published that Daniel needs to meet with the publishing house to get approval for; YWAM Ho Chi Minh and YWAM Dalat are running DTSes (Discipleship Training School) at the beginning of the year that we can support; and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is hosting a huge festival in Ho Chi Minh City on March 4-5 that we would like to help with.

This will also be a very special time for Daniel's family to get to know Lydia and Avigail, since they've yet to meet them in person. We are also looking forward to recruiting more translators for Tien Phong Ministries, publishing and distributing more books, helping to organize a national staff conference, supporting the YWAM base, seeing many of our friends, reconnecting with our church, and much more!

Prayer Requests
1. For wisdom in choosing the right ministry opportunities to focus on while in Vietnam.
2. For special times with the base and our friends in Mazatlan as we prepare to leave and say goodbye.
3. For extra grace over the girls as they travel and adjust to a new place, new language, new people, new time zone, etc.
4. For Daniel's health to stay strong and for him to not have any flare ups or relapses while we're on the other side of the world.

5. For extra finances to buy our tickets back to MN, and help cover rent (as the free accommodation we had lined up fell through).
Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us in so many ways. We were so blessed to see many of you this past month during our trip back to Minnesota where we were able to get more meds for Daniel, celebrate his and Avigail's birthdays, enjoy Thanksgiving with my family, and have much needed health checks. Your prayers and support mean so much to us. Please let us know how you are doing and how we can be praying for you in this season of your life!

Daniel, Cassandra, Lydia & Avigail
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