Open Doors
This past season has been marked by open doors, new connections, great ministry opportunities and lots of travel! We are now back in Minnesota and excited about what God is doing! We have a lot to share with you about what we've been doing and what's to come for us as we continue our missionary journey in the States.

Translation Ministry

When Daniel started Tien Phong Ministries 6 years ago, he never imagined the international support and recognition he'd get for his translation work. Over the past few years, he's built strong connections with Desiring God, Crossway, 9Marks, Ligonier, and Banner of Truth. The last few months have been filled with several unique opportunities that have come as fruit of these connections. In July, Desiring God invited Daniel to an all expenses paid summit in Amsterdam where he was able to connect with other global partners working in translation ministries around the world. In August, right after we arrived back in Minnesota, Crossway invited him to Chicago for a small cohort of translators where he was further inspired and encouraged in his work. In September, both Daniel and I were given the opportunity to attend the Sing! Conference in Nashville as part of a scholarship program they were offering for people working in songwriting and hymn translation around the world. These have been such blessed times for both of us and an encouragement to see fruit from our labors.

Everywhere we've lived over the past few years, Daniel has continued to work full-time in his translation ministry - even through this season of transition and change! In the past 2 months, Daniel and his team published 2 new books: Count Zinzendorf by Janet & Geoff Benge, the first book in the Christian Heroes Then and Now series, and Good News of Great Joy by John Piper. He also recently finished a long-term translation project for One Mission called "Training and Multiply" - an in-depth series of booklets about church planting. His current projects include 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper, the note sections of the Global ESV Study Bible, and daily articles from Desiring God.

Bible Seminars in Vietnam and Beyond

One big need we've seen amongst Vietnamese Christians is the lack of theologically sound Bible teaching. This is one of the main reasons Daniel started translating Christian literature and it's also why he reached out to HeartCry Missionary Society earlier this year, inviting them to come to Vietnam and teach. In August, two members of their staff team came and taught seminars in both Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. Local Christians were so challenged and encouraged by their teaching that, not only have they held a few follow-up Zoom teachings, but they are planning another trip in January! They have invited Daniel to return with them to translate and be their guide as they teach in several cities in Vietnam and Laos!

Fundraising for the Future

As you may have read in our last newsletter, we have moved back to the States permanently because of the ongoing needs of Daniel's health and are planning to join YWAM Lakeside, Montana early next year. There, we will be able to continue working in discipleship and leadership training, worship ministry, and invest more in Southeast Asia (since this is one of the focus areas of the base). We have already been accepted on staff, but are required to be fully funded before moving there. As you can imagine, life in America is considerably more expensive than life overseas. Pair this with the fact that we have not done much serious, long-term fundraising since I became a full-time missionary as a single person 17 years ago and now we are a family of 4, and you can understand why we have a lot of work cut out for us in order to get our finances in order! We have been living on $1200-1500 a month for the last several years. Over the course of this year, we have been very encouraged to see that number rise up to $1850 as several of you have already responded to the need we have expressed in past letters. We now need to raise an additional $2650 a month in order to continue in missions - this not only supports our family, but covers our ministry costs as well. Please keep this need in your prayers!

Prayer Requests
1. That we would be successful in our fundraising efforts this fall and be able to raise all the additional support we need to continue in missions
2. For more people to join Daniel's translation ministry team in Vietnam 
3. For healing over Daniel's colon (his Crohn's Disease has flared up since moving back to Minnesota)
4. That God would lead us to the right car for our family as we will need one before we move next year
Thank you to everyone who has continued to encourage and support us in so many ways throughout our missionary journeys until now. We are very happy to be back in Minnesota for a season and are looking forward to seeing many of you soon. Your prayers and support mean so much to us. Please let us know how you are doing, when/if you'd like to meet up, and how we can be praying for you in this season of your life!

Daniel, Cassandra, Lydia and Avigail
Metting Keith and Kristyn Getty at the Sing! Conference                           Lydia's 3rd Birthday (July 24th)
Desiring God Global Partners Summit in Amsterdam
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