New Plans for a New Year
"The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps." - Proverbs 16:9
This verse has been on my heart a lot recently as we've seen God open a new, exciting door that we never could have foreseen on our own accord. We had made our plans and faithfully walked in the direction we could see, but God had other plans for us!

An Unexpected Opportunity

Over the past couple of years, Daniel has been in contact with HeartCry Missionary Society. The founder, Paul Washer, published some well-known books that Daniel translated. Back in August, when we were still in Vietnam, Daniel hosted 2 men from this organization. He arranged some teaching opportunities and translated for them. They really hit it off, stayed in touch and started making plans for further trips to Vietnam together. In November, they invited our whole family out to Roanoke, Virginia to visit their headquarters and meet the other missionary employees that work there. We had a really great time, and at the end of the week THEY OFFERED DANIEL A JOB! He will be the Associate Coordinator for Asia. We are so grateful for this amazing opportunity and really see this as a total "God- thing!"

As a part of his job, Daniel will be traveling back and forth to Asia several times a year, heading up communication with all the local missions operations HeartCry supports in the region, coordinating the trips his team takes throughout the year, and teaching both online and in-person. One of the other really awesome parts of this offer is that HeartCry wants Daniel to continue his translation work with Tien Phong Ministries as a part of his job with them! He also has the opportunity to attend seminary online for free through a scholarship program HeartCry offers and he'll be given time each day to do his schoolwork. This really is everything we ever could have hoped for in a job. Daniel has cultural perspectives, local connections, experience on the ground and a heart for Asian people that will be such a blessing to HeartCry. We are so excited for this opportunity!!


When will we be moving? 

  • February 1st

Where will we live?

  • Roanoke, Virginia

What will we do with our monthly support?

  • It will go directly to Tien Phong Ministries (Daniel's translation ministry). This money will help him hire more translators and graphic designers, as well as print more books and make them available at an affordable price.

How can you help us with this transition?

  • Pray for us! Prayer is definitely one powerful thing that we would greatly appreciate.
  • Help us buy/find a car! We aim to raise $5000 to go toward a downpayment on a car and/or find a car that someone would be willing to donate or give us a good deal on.
  • Lastly, we are looking to raise an additional $5000 for relocation costs.
How can you give?
  • To make a one- time tax-deductible donation or sign up to be a monthly supporter: CLICK HERE
  • To give through our GoFundMe page CLICK HERE

What else have we been up to?

DANIEL has continued to work full-time at home translating and preparing for a trip to Vietnam and Laos with HeartCry in mid-January. In December, his team was able to print 1000 bookmarks they designed promoting the work of 8 Church Reformers. They also recently finished translating 6 new books: How to Build a Healthy Church, by Mark Dever; Little Pilgrim's Big Journey, by Tyler Van Halteren; The Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan; 50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die, by John Piper; and 12 Ordinary Men and 12 Extraordinary Women, by John MacArthur.

CASSANDRA was recently trained as a birth doula and is working toward her certification. Doulas are professional, non-medical birth companions who give physical, emotional and educational support to women before, during and shortly after childbirth. She has a passion to help women understand how God created them to give birth and help prepare them for the labor and delivery process so they can have safe, memorable and empowering birthing experiences. However, most of her day is spent taking care of the kids and getting ready for the big move!

LYDIA is almost 3.5 years old. She loves reading her Bible, watching Frozen, wearing dresses, singing, doing crafts, going to the park and everything pink! She is a natural leader, very opinionated, full of compassion and has the sweetest smile!

AVIGAIL just turned 2 last month. She is very talkative, follows her sister around everywhere, and is our cuddle bug! She enjoys bath-time, painting, swinging, reading books, wearing pajamas and looking at pictures on everyone's phones.

Prayer Requests
1. For God's covering over Daniel's trip to Vietnam and Laos with HeartCry this month -- especially for the pastors attending the conference from persecuted areas.
2. For a smooth transition of health care and insurance from Minnesota to Virginia. Daniel is in the middle of a new treatment plan so it's important that he gets set up with a new doctor quickly and gets his medication approved.
3. For each of us to adjust to this big change; pray for us to make new friends, get settled in and find our way around a new city.
4. For Cassandra to book 2 more clients so she can complete her doula certification.

5. For our fundraising efforts to be successful and for God to lead us to the right car.
Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us, prayed for us and continued to support us over the years. We are very excited about this new job opportunity and looking forward to seeing all that God has in store for us in Virginia. We hope you all will continue with us in this new phase of ministry and missions! Please let us know how you are doing and how we can be praying for you in this season of your life!

Daniel, Cassandra, Lydia & Avigail
            Thanksgiving with Cassandra's Family                                  Avigail's 2nd Birthday Party Photo Booth
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