Many churches and charitable ministries in poor countries have no hope of ever become self-supporting. The churches and ministries led by missionary pastors and workers are able to operate only because of the missionaries’ financial backing. When a missionary leaves the field, even when leadership is passed on to qualified, trained nationals, many mission churches end up closing their doors because the wages and offerings of local members are far from adequate to sustain the expenses of operation. Churches and ministries in these poor communities, whether led by a missionary or a national pastor, often cannot survive financially without outside help.

Mission Churches International Incorporated (MCII) comes alongside missionaries and mission churches to help them fulfill God’s calling in their lives and communities. We place a heavy emphasis on pastoral care to help ensure each missionary is healthy, both spiritually and mentally. As you partner with our missionaries by your giving, you will discover wonderful ways the message of Christ is being expressed worldwide. We deeply appreciate your partnership in spreading the good news of the gospel to other nations!

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The Light of Christ Church in St. Petersburg, Russia is in dire need of support. Please consider supporting them monthly. See their page for more information.

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